Friday, July 2, 2010

I've Never . . . Made Flour Tortillas

What a perfect day Iowa summer day!  I'm sitting at my dining room table with our windows wide open listening to chatty birds, backfiring cars and enjoying the light, cool breeze making my bright yellow curtains float off the ground.  It seems like the perfect day to start one of my new blog features I hope to make a weekly entry.  I'm calling it "I've Never...."  This idea was born out of many youth  and college years of playing a game by this same name that is meant as a way to get to know people in a nonthreatening way.  Apparently, there is a board game by the same name now.  Who knew?

The basics of the game?  You gather chairs in a circle but have one less chair than people.  One person starts the game by standing in the middle and stating one things they have never done -- like, "I've never traveled overseas." or "I've never eaten a bagel."  All those sitting down who have done that very thing must get up and find another seat.  Whoever cannot find a seat must stand in the middle and share their "I've never."  My investigation online tells me that you can make this into a drinking game.  I'm sure it comes as no surprise that my many experiences with this game included no chugging of blue concoctions housed in glass test viles.  At most, I may have had a can of Diet Mountain Dew (my caffeine of choice during college) nearby.   

In my food blog form, the "I've Never..." will be exploring foods that I've never eaten and/or made before.  I've already got a list of items going from the kooky (eggs boiled in tea and spices???) to the simple (baked apples).  Life is too short to not to try new things, right?  I also would love to hear your "I've Never's..." in the world of food...and even your adventures in trying new things in the kitchen.   

So, in this first installment I made my own whole wheat flour tortillas.  Why?  Well, we had veggie tacos on the calendar for dinner the other night and I didn't have any tortillas at home.  It was as simple as that. 

I do have vivid childhood memories of homemade tortillas made by mom in our carpeted galley kitchen.  These tortillas were very hard to resist right off the stovetop, especially when they were folded around a pat of melting butter.  It's like that bread basket sitting right in front of know your meal is coming soon but you just can't resist the warm doughy perfection.

My attempt at tortillas certainly don't fit "warm doughy perfection" but for a first attempt, I'm happy with the result.  They are not even close to perfectly round and ended up a little dry from me overworking them with the rolling pin but I kind of like their scraggly appeal.  I will definitely make homemade again as they were super easy (aside from my lack of dough rolling skills) and cooked very fast once you rolled out the dough.

Do you make homemade flour tortillas?  What's your favorite recipe?  Any special tricks?

Here is the link to the recipe I used for my first ever flour tortillas.  Husband and I enjoyed them filled with pinto beans, caramelized onions, avocado, locally-made salsa and cilantro from our garden.  Divine.
Have a wonderful July 4th weekend! 


  1. oh yum! i've always wanted to try homemade tortillas! i like the scraggliness, too -- it makes them look homemade and tasty.

  2. Welcome back, friend. I love the new look! Just remembered I never responded to your last FB message to me. Oh man! I'm chronically behind ;-) Will write soon!