Wednesday, March 4, 2009

And so it begins...

While on my recent honeymoon, I felt inspired to blog again. The inspiration is varied. I have been woefully sick for over a month now(and, yes, sick on my wedding!). There is nothing like being dropped to your lowest lows to miss what used to give you the highest of highs. I do miss writing and have been absent from this endeavor for years.

During my sickness my appetite has been pretty absent. There were several days that I couldn't even taste food so I didn't care to eat at all! I finally got my taster back in order during my honeymoon to the Northwest. On a whim, I bought a small orange brioche from Roses in Eastsound, Washington. This brioche left me speechless. I didn't know if it tasted so good because I had been so sick or was it really that good? So, I gave a piece to my hubby(who normally isn't a baked goods kind of guy) and he and I ended up fighting over every last piece of that brioche. It's all we could talk about for 2 days! We new that the next day we had to go back to Roses and buy as much as they had. We got there and saw no brioche! I inquired about its existence. They said they only had a large orange brioche leftover from the day before. We said...Give it! We then proceeded to eat pretty much all of this huge hunk of brioche with candied oranges throughout our day. I can't remember the last time I felt so inspired by a baked good! Saying that sounds insane to me, but good food can leave a lasting impression. It can inspire you...whether it is to recreate it on your own or continue to find something similar locally.

It is my goal to recreate this brioche! It is also my goal to start creating recipes and experimenting with existing ones. This blog, I hope, will be a place for creation and inspiration of the gastronimical kind.

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